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Although Los Angeles is known internationally for its screen creations, it’s also a stage hub. Of course these fields intersect, often relying on artists who work in both arts. Sometimes a stage production developed in Los Angeles is later adapted for the screen, or vice versa.

Traditionally, many publications — international and national as well as local — cover the films and TV series that are born in Los Angeles. But the amount of media coverage devoted to LA theater — almost entirely local — was declining for decades, even before the 2020 coronavirus pandemic closed in-person theater production.

As I write this, however, many theaters have re-opened. After more than a year of housebound captivity, in which many of us relied on small-screen entertainment to vary our routines, my hope is that theatergoers are eager to resume gathering with our fellow human beings in actual instead of virtual spaces, in order to explore our mutual humanity together, in the form of live theater.

I have spent many years covering LA theater as a reporter and critic. Most of the publications were aimed at general audiences, where theater coverage was sporadic and relatively easy to ignore. Angeles Stage is always, first and foremost, about what’s happening on the stages of Los Angeles.

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Maybe we’ll see each other in a theater soon. But if you want to know what I really thought about what we saw, read Angeles Stage.

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Don Shirley

Don Shirley covered theater for Los Angeles Times, LA CityBeat, LA Stage Times and LA Observed.